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Summer 2008:   Hello and welcome to one of the ever more infrequent Lovejoy news updates on recent activity. The BIG news is that Dick has been working with Siesta Records of Madrid to put together a release in memory of Keith Girdler.

(songs for Keith Girdler)

Country Music ...Is a new compilation album. Please tell anyone you know who might be interested. It is brilliant. Last summer, Dick contacted some of Keith’s favourite bands from over the last 20 years or so who all recorded a new song or dug out a previously unreleased song or found a song that has been unavailable for a long time. Then Siesta Records, one of the labels that used to release Keith's Arabesque and Beaumont records (but you knew that already) said they would press it up / digitally upload it and make it available to the world. And the best thing is everyone gave their time for nothing or next to nothing so we only had some relatively small studio costs and manufacturing / promoting costs to deal with, which means that all the proceeds from the album can be donated to the Martlets Hospice in Hove, which is a fantastic organisation and the place that cared for Keith so well during his last months. And even better than that, Keith would have absolutely loved this album.

Here's the track listing:
1. St Christopher ‘I Can’t Forget You’
2. The Wake ‘Crush The Flowers’ (demo)
3. Pete Fijalkowski ‘Downsizing’
4. Lovejoy ‘Melancholia’
5. Hal ‘Down’
6. Trembling Blue Stars ‘Soft Evening, Brilliant Morning’
7. Louis Philippe ‘Lazy Thunderstorms’
8. Club 8 ‘What I’m Dreaming Of Is Something I Could Have’
9. The Clientele ‘Breathe In Now’
10. The Times ‘Sold’ (alternative version)
11. Would Be Goods ‘I Believe You Cassandra’
12. Aberdeen ‘Baby I Don’t Care’
13.Love Dance ’His London’
14. The Orchids ‘The Lost Star’
15. Biff Bang Pow! ‘Back To The Start’.

Oh yes and as if that's not enough, there's more as well. But you have to buy a copy to find will be worth it though, promise.

It should be available by the time you read this – try your usual mail-order / indie distributor or try checking the Siesta website. You could email us at snowbound if all else fails….

Some updates, reviews and comments about Country Music will be added to this site over coming months, so feel free to check it for updates.

That’s it for the moment, but check back for updates soon – Dick is currently taking a break from Lovejoy and is filling his spare time as guitarist for a new band ‘St Famous’ – do a myspace search if you’re interested but there won’t be any releases until 2009...

In the meantime, enjoy Country Music and have a happy summer!

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