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Richard writes the songs for Lovejoy and performs them with Ally, Keith and occasionally Paul and Guy. Lovejoy record at Church Road studio, Hove. Sometimes Lovejoy play live so please contact us if you would like to set up any dates.


'England Made Me' ep.
Catalogue no. Matinée 062

England Made Me 1) Brightness Falls
1) Are You Analogue Or Digital?
1) In The Rain
2) Made In England
4 track cdep released July 2006

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'Strike A Pose'
Catalogue no. unpop2

Strike A Pose 1) Strike A Pose
2) Someone To Share My Life With
2 track single released April 2004

First release on Unpopular - Alistair Fitchett's brand new 7" only record label. 500 copies pressed.

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'Plays Biff Bang Pow!' ep.
Catalogue no. Matinée 028

Plays Biff Bang Pow! 1) Hug Me Honey
2) The Beat Hotel
2 track single released October 2001

"Well, it's a tribute, a thank you & a statement. Creation's finest years were so influential to so many people, & now that the label & its bands are consigned to the wastebasket of pop history, we'd like to acknowledge just how important Creation was to us."

Extract from sleeve notes to 'Plays Biff Bang Pow!' EP.

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'A Christmas Wish' ep.
Catalogue no. Matinée 025

A Christmas Wish 1) I Dream of Angels
2) Snow Falling Softly
3) Snow Falling Softly (Bent Fabric mix)
3 track single released November 2000

"Lovejoy would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all of our friends and families."

Extract from sleeve notes to 'A Christmas Wish' EP.

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'A Taste of the High Life' ep.
Catalogue no. Matinée 012

A Taste Of The High Life 1) Getting Away With it All
2) Merry Go Round
3) Winter L.D.
3 track single released January 2000

"Lovejoy tells me he's confused some organization into releasing a recording of his music. 'You should hear it' he writes excitedly… apparently he's been using 'synthesisers' or something. Dear boy, the most sophisticated piece of equipment I own is a flare gun."

--The Lord Lucan,
extract from sleeve notes to 'A Taste of the High Life' EP.

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'Everybody Hates'
Catalogue no. Mat CD 035

Everybody Hates
1) Radio Lovejoy
2) Everybody Hates Us And We Don't Care
3) Petrol Stars
4) America
5) Drug Autumn
6) Sandcastles
7) Sid Vicious
8) Nicotine And Love
9) Because You're Worth It
10) This Could Be An Ending
10 track CD release February 2005

You can take your little England...

Extract from sleeve notes to 'Everybody Hates'

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'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'
Catalogue no. Mat CD 018

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
1) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
2) You Fell From Grace
3) Plastic Flowers
4) Nothing Happens Here
5) Snow Falling Softly (Bent Fabric mix)
6) The Beat Hotel
7) Night On Earth
8) Millionaire... Maybe
9) Don't You (Wish You'd Never Met Me)?
9 track CD release August 2002

"Later on, watching TV I saw that tonight, a typical Saturday night in England in 2002, presented us with such aspirational, please-take-me-away-from-all-of-this gems as"The Lottery Jet Set", "Blind Date", "Stars In Their Eyes", "The National Lottery", "Pop Idols" and of course "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" ... Hours and hours of TV dedicated to wish fulfillment."

Extract from sleeve notes to 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

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'Songs in the Key of Lovejoy'
Catalogue no. Mat CD 008

Songs In The Key Of Lovejoy
1) A Taste of the High Life
2) Penelope London
3) Thank Your Lucky Stars
4) Radio
5) Sunset Sky
6) Live Alone Forever
7) Fantasy Island
8) The Girl from HQ
9) Butter Wouldn't Melt
10) Tomorrow's World

10 track CD release August 2000

"If I can make more than $5000 they will give me an extension of a week or two. Lovejoy said he'll mail me the extra if I really needed it, but I know he's got mixed up in some album racket with guitars and singers… oh well, I hear the flapping of a chequebook, so fingers crossed and pencil me in for Radley."

Lucian Cartwright, extract from sleeve notes to 'Songs in the Key of Lovejoy.'

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'The Matinée Hit Parade'
Catalogue no. Mat CD 045

The Matinée Hit Parade features: Astronauts
compilation CD release October 2007

CD compilation commemorating Matinée's tenth anniversary, including much of the label's current roster.

'Still Unravished: A Tribute To The June Brides'
Catalogue no. Yesboyicecream 001

Still Unravished: A Tribute To The June Brides features: In The Rain
compilation CD release February 2006

Featuring 16 bands including Tompaulin, Manic Street Preachers, Television Personalities, Jasmine Minks etc…

'Someone To Share My Life With'
Catalogue no. But Is It Art? 001

Someone To Share My Life With features: Someone To Share My Life With (rehearsal mix)
compilation LP release February 2006

Featuring 11 bands including BMX Bandits, Nikki Sudden, Swell Maps, etc…

'Pop The Question'
Catalogue no. Book Club 006

Pop The Question features: Everybody Hates Us And We Don't Care
compilation CD release January 2006

CD compilation from Australia featuring songs from various married couples, including The Shermans, Kanda, The Owls, Her Name In Lights, The Charade, etc...

'If I Could Write Poetry'
Catalogue no. Beauty 005

If I Could Write Poetry features: Someone To Share My Life With
compilation CD release May 2005

CD compilation from Canada: Television Personalities tribute featuring Biff Bang Pow!, Nikki Sudden, The Thanes, The Happy Couple etc…

'The Matinée Winter Warmer'
Catalogue no. Matinée 051

The Matinée Winter Warmer features: I Dream of Angels
compilation CD release December 2004

CD compilation featuring the usual Matinée bands.

'Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware'
Catalogue no. Mat CD 030

Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware features: Girlfriend In A Coma
compilation CD release January 2004

CD compilation featuring a dozen Matinée artists covering a dozen Smiths classics.

'The Matinée Autumn Assortment'
Catalogue no. Matinée 051

The Matinée Autumn Assortment features: Strike A Pose
compilation CD release October 2003

CD compilation featuring the usual Matinée bands.

'Working Titles'
Catalogue no. QTY 008c

Working Titles features: Night On Earth
compilation CD release September 2003

CD compilation from the Philippines featuring Brideshead, Goldstoned, Laura Watling, Club 8, June Brides, Majestic, and even a couple Filipino bands.

'Matinée 50'
Catalogue no. Matinée 050

Matinée 50 features: Drug Autumn
compilation CD release July 2003

CD compilation featuring Matinée bands covering other Matinée bands.

'The Matinée Summer Splash'
Catalogue no. Matinée 040

The Matinée Summer Splash features: You Fell From Grace
compilation CD release August 2002

CD compilation featuring Matinée bands, released to commemorate live shows in the UK, August 2002.

'I’d Spend My Day With You'
Catalogue no. CDP-94, 1245

I’d Spend My Day With You features: Butter Wouldn't Melt
compilation CD release June 2001

Universal records compilation featuring 20 bands including Birdie, Trembling Blue Stars, Club 8 etc…

'A Boy, a Girl and a Rendez-vous'
Catalogue no. rrfmcd01

A Boy, A Girl And A Rendezvous features: Live Alone Forever
compilation CD release June 2001

CD compilation featuring many bands, including the Aislers Set, the Lucksmiths, White Town, the Sugargliders, Aberdeen, and more.

'The Matinée Spring Collection'
Catalogue no. Matinée 026

The Matinée Spring Collection features: Radio
compilation CD release April 2001

CD compilation featuring Matinée bands, released (with a Snowbound fanzine) to commemorate live shows in London, spring 2001.


Each current release is still available. To obtain a copy in the UK, independent record shops can order via Shellshock Distribution. The releases are available in several European countries, as well as in the US and Japan. The Matinée website provides details of how to buy in other countries, either in shops, mail order or via the internet. Alternatively contact Lovejoy for further details.