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--> See the Lovejoy photo gallery

--> See Alistair Fitchett’s video for ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

A number of electronic and paper publications have written about Lovejoy. A selection of references and links appear below:

--> Interview with Pennyblack (UK), Autumn 2006
--> Interview with Erasing Clouds (USA), Autumn 2006
--> Interview with Transistor (Greece), Spring 2005
--> Interview with Pennyblack (UK), Spring 2003
--> Interview with Pinoy Central (Philippines), Spring 2002

Edwardia was originally created by Keith and Paul, joined later by Richard and has been responsible for the fine design and superior artwork on a growing number of records. Edwardia ceased trading in 2003, but a selection of their artwork can be viewed here:

--> See the Edwardia sleeve gallery

Snowbound International Pop Club, now simply Snowbound, began as a concept about seven years ago. Dick and Keith have produced fanzines (including a special edition available with the Matinee Spring Collection CD) and pamphlets. They’ve also written satirical letters to numerous newspapers and magazines. Snowbound is currently working on several musical projects, most notably The Snowdrops, in collaboration with Pam Berry, releasing records through Matinee Recordings. From 2005, they are planning to record soundtrack music and make films. They have also DJ'ed at various gigs and events, noteably as 'Crepescule' at Room 101 in Brighton. Simply put, Snowbound aims to become a KLF for the indiepop generation, only with a more socially aware agenda... Contact us at snowboundipc@yahoo.co.uk.