World of Lovejoy
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From the windswept shores of a time-warped southern England, Lovejoy creates a world of pure pop fantasy. Lovejoy is painfully out of step and wilfully irrelevant.

Lovejoy describe the lives of little Englanders, whose existence is defined by common features: hopeless optimism, seething bitterness, petty snobbery, missed opportunities, twitching curtains, idealistic claptrap, secret regrets, wrong decisions, and getting away with it all.

Lovejoy wants to escape from all of this, but somehow canít. Lovejoy longs to live in a world where life's worries drift away on a wave of perfect pop; where new beginnings can lead to happy endings, where fond memories, sunshine, smiles and optimism have weathered the storms of mundane every day life and survived to see another day. Sadly, Lovejoy can only record what it is like to live in a super 8 world of bowling greens, beach huts and fluttering Union Jack flags, daydreaming of escape and happiness.

Everybody Hates Lovejoy